A Grain of Truth

July 14, 2012

Play A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth another beautiful game of exploration and story telling from designer Marek Rudowski. Playing this enchanting sequel to Trader of Stories feels more like being immersed in a good book than sitting in front of a computer, so prepare to be whisked away into an imaginative land of floating rocks, Cloud Eaters and, of course, puzzles. Welcome to the world of the Big Old Tree that Dreams. (Firefox or Safari required.)

The Big Old Tree That Dreams Series:
Play Trader of Stories
Play A Grain of Truth



September 30, 2011

Aurora is another mighty fine series from Pastel Games. The first two installments have loads of eerie atmosphere, a spine-chillin’ plot, and ace-high graphics. You’ll recognize all the best devices of games such as Daymare Town and Fog Fall, but with an old-west themed mystery that will have you craving the next installment.

Play Aurora 1

Play Aurora 2

First Hero

September 19, 2011

Play First Hero at www.fastgames.com

Using cunning and courage, rescue the most beautiful woman in the world from Hades — god of the underworld.

Fog Fall

August 2, 2011

Play Fog Fall

Another point-and-click game from Pastel Games. Admittedly, I have not progressed past part two after seeing the (gulp!) zombies, but those of you with hearts not entirely made of water will certainly enjoy this series.

Fog Fall 1
Fog Fall 2
Fog Fall 3
Fog Fall 4


Light Bot

July 27, 2011

Play Light Bot on Kongregate.com

Light Bot is a unique puzzle game. Light all the blue squares by creating instructions for your robot to follow. Each level gets more complex. Good luck!

The Trader of Stories

July 27, 2011

Play Trader of Stories on GamesNitro.com

The Trader of Stories is a short game from Pastel Games. Beautiful graphics and a poignant story make this a game to savour.

Little Wheel

July 27, 2011

Play Little Wheel on Kongregate.com

Little Wheel is an adorable game with a unique hint system.