Submachine FLF Walkthrough


The Padded Room
1. press play on the tape player to reveal a key
2. pick up the KEY
3. use the key to unlock the door
4. click on the door to leave the Padded Room
5. click on the far ledge to reveal a knife
6. pick up the KNIFE
7. click on the box above the door to reveal your patient number: 3218
8. reenter the Padded Room
9. use the knife to cut open the padding (see picture above)
10. click in the hole you made to reveal a key card
11. pick up the KEY CARD
12. exit the Padded Room
13. use the key card in the machine slot
14. when the light turns green, press the button
15. cross the bridge to get to the Second Building

Second Building – Downstairs
1. go down the ladder twice to the room with the red bouncy ball
2. go left
3. look outside at the strange markings on the opposite wall: hl
4. go right
5. go up the ladder twice

Second Building – Upstairs
1. go up the ladder once more
2. go right
3. enter the Storage Room
4. open the lockers
5. pick up the SLIDE

Second Building – Slide Room
1. go back down the ladder three times
2. click right
3. put the slide in the projector
4. push the button on the projector
5. click on the image

Inside the Movie – Upstairs
1. to return at any time, click on the picture of the projector on the wall
2. click right
3. enter the first door
4. examine the picture of the owl to get three numbers: 215
5. exit the room
6. click left

Inside the Movie – Downstairs
1. go down the stairs
2. click right
3. enter the first doorway
4. click left
5. enter the strange symbols you saw on the wall
6. click the round button
7. take the REEL
8. exit the room
9. click right
10. enter the second doorway
11. enter the three numbers you saw in the Owl Picture
12. take note of the symbol that appears
13. go back upstairs

Inside the Movie – Upstairs
6. click right
2. enter the first door
3. click left
4. press the button on the machine until you get the symbol you saw downstairs
5. click on the headphones to listen to a music clip
6. click right twice to leave the room
7. in the hallway, click right twice
7. enter your patient number in the box

Inside the Movie – Projector Room
1. click right until you get to the movie projector
2. put the reel on the projector
3. click the button on the projector


21 Responses to Submachine FLF Walkthrough

  1. Camii says:

    I cant enteeeer themovie room.. how can i?

  2. hfilby says:

    Hi Camii,

    To enter the movie room, you have to enter your four-digit patient number (3218) in the box at the end of the hallway. This will open a passage to your right. Click right until you get to the movie room. Hope this helps!

  3. TCN says:

    I can’t seem to enter the numbers into the red thing hanging from the ceiling.
    Pushing the buttons do not yield any results (i.e. it does not light up.)

  4. hfilby says:

    Do the numbers change as you push the buttons? If not, then I wonder if you have already opened the secret passageway. Try zooming back out and clicking on the wall to the right.

  5. ..... says:

    how do you click right? what dose it mean?

  6. stefaan says:

    and how do you get the 3 numbers from the owl?? I have inspected the picture from every angle :(

    otherwise rather easy game

  7. kenzy says:

    i cant find the box to put numbers in

  8. nick says:

    Also wondering how you came up with those numbers from the Owl, they worked, but just wondering how you got them, cause I don’t see anything that looks like 215.

  9. Destiny says:

    what does it mean click right?

  10. Destiny says:

    i saw the numbers

  11. beter than the rest says:

    when down stairs click right until you reach the wall u see a light swich click it you’ll hear an noise like a owl go back up and look at the owl picture and you’ll find the code.8)

  12. hi says:

    on the bottom floor press button you will hear a hoot sound check owl picture.

    but what is the purpose of the code you enter it and it gives you a sideways t

  13. Lauren says:

    When is the next submachine game out? I feel crazy. I want to now what happens!!!!!!!!!1

  14. mystery says:

    where do i put the slide??

  15. lagoon games says:

    lagoon games…

    […]Submachine FLF Walkthrough «[…]…

  16. To find the 3-digit no. in the owl picture, you first have to go down stairs, go to the end of the passage and press the button on the wall. You will then hear an owl hooting.
    Only then will the nos. at the bottom of the owl picture appear.

    Hope that was helpful! :)

  17. slot machine says:

    I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to
    my blogroll.

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