Submachine 2 Walkthrough

I could have sworn Submachine 2 was a lot different the last time I played it. I must be in some kind of mental time and space warp. Anyway, here’s the step-by-step walkthrough to getting through the Lighthouse.

The Basement
1. click on the submachine game
2. pick up the FIRST SECRET from the pile of rocks on the right
3. click left until you get to the stairs
4. go upstairs
5. pick up the COG WHEEL on the floor
6. pick up the SECOND SECRET on the chair
7. go back downstairs
8. click right three times
9. place the cog wheel in the phonograph
10. press the button on the phonograph
11. click left twice
12. use the WISDOM GEM in the stand
13. push the button on the lever that pops up
14. click right
15. climb up the ladder
16. click to your right
17. zoom in on the electrical box and note that C = a number
18. click back to your left
19. climb up the ladder
20. enter the open sewer
21. click to the left twice
22. pick up the ROOM KEY
23. exit the sewer by clicking to the right three times
24. go up the ladder once
25. click to the right
26. click on the square hole in the wall
27. pick up the FORK
28. pick up the THIRD SECRET from the two bricks in the top right
29. click left
30. go up the ladder to get to the Tile Level

The Tile Level
1. click left
2. click on the tile 5 from the right, 4 from the bottom (see picture above)
3. pick up the FOURTH SECRET
4. go up the stairs twice
5. pick up the FIFTH SECRET from the pile of debris
6. continue up the stairs to get to the Wood Level

The Wood Level
1. click left
2. enter the left door (library)
3. pick up the CAT NOTE from the bookshelf
4. read the note to get the hint about Einstein
5. exit the library
6. unlock the right door with the room key
7. enter the right door (bathroom)
8. pick up the SEWER KEY
9. exit the bathroom
10. click right three times
11. pick up the SIXTH SECRET from the top of the light
12. click right and pick up the PAMPHLET
13. Look closely at lighthouse painting – note the strange dots
14. click right and pick up the SEVENTH SECRET from the debris
15. click left four times to return to the stairs
16. click downstairs three times to return to the tile level
17. click right
18. descend the ladder

The Sewer
1. use the sewer key on the lock
2. enter the sewer
3. have a look at this map of the sewer
4. I’ll use the notation: L = left, R = right, U = up, D = down
5. follow these directions: L,D,R
7. L, U, L, L, D
8. pick up the EIGHTH SECRET
9. D, D, R, U
10. in the Red Room, pick up the LETTER TO LIZ
11. pick up the NINTH, TENTH, and ELEVENTH SECRETS
12. D, L, D, L, L, L, U, R
13. in the Puzzle Room, click on the puzzle
14. this is like the Green Wall Puzzle in M.O.T.A.S.
15. click the buttons in this order:


16. leave the Puzzle Room by clicking left
17. once back in the sewer pipe, follow these directions:
18. D, R, R, U
19. in the Pipe Room, pick up the SWITCH HANDLE
20. leave the Pipe Room by clicking down
21. once back in the sewer pipe, follow these directions:
22. R, U, U, L, L, U, U, L, L, D, R
23. pick up the POSITIVE COIL
24. L, U, L, L
25. pick up the TWELFTH SECRET
26. click right ten times to leave the sewer
27. climb the ladder to enter the Tile Level

The Tile Level
1. climb the ladder on the far wall
2. enter the vent by clicking on the square hole on the right
3. click right again
4. put switch handle on the box
5. make note of the strange symbol (theta?)
6. click left twice
7. descend the ladder
8. click left
9. click upstairs three times to get to the Wood Level
10. click right
11. click on the doorway to enter the Grey Level

The Grey Level
1. pick up the NEGATIVE COIL
2. climb up the ladder twice
3. use the second floor key to open the door
4. click on the door to enter the Blue Level

The Blue Level
1. click on the left door
2. pick up the DIARY 2 from the typewriter
3. read the diary entry and notice that M = a number
4. click left
5. pick up the MOVIE MEMORY
6. click right twice to return to the landing
7. click on the right door
8. click on the glowing green machine
9. click on each set of dots until they match the pattern you saw in the picture of the lighthouse
10. push the green button
11. pick up the LIGHTBULB
12. click right
13. zoom in on the… uh… sculpture
15. click left twice to return to the landing
16. exit the Blue Level by clicking on the main doorway
17. return to the Tile Level

The Tile Level
1. once in the Tile Level, click left
2. put the light bulb and the movie memory into the camera
3. flip the switch to turn the camera on
4. look through the camera
5. click on the ID CARD in the film
6. when the movie finishes, pick up the ID CARD off the floor
7. return to the Grey Level

The Grey Level
1. climb all the ladders (click up four times) until you get to the top
2. use the fork to bridge the gap between the broken wires
3. pull the handle
4. click on the left doorway
5. climb the ladder
6. click on the number puzzle
7. use Einstein’s legacy (the formula e = mc2) to unlock the puzzle
8. multiply: M x C x C and enter it in the puzzle
9. the light above the puzzle should now be green
10. descend the ladder and click right to return to the landing
11. click right and ascend the ladder
12. pick up the SEVENTEENTH SECRET
13. click on the puzzle
14. this puzzle seems impossible, but it just takes patience
15. try to get all four arms into the centre

(1) (2)
(3) (4)

(A) (B)
(C) (D)
(E) (F)
(G) (H)

16. here’s what each of the eight buttons do:
(A) turns 3 and 4
(B) turns 2 and 3
(C) turns 1 and 2
(D) turns 1 and 4
(E) turns 1 and 3
(F) turns 2 and 4
(G) turns 1 and 4
(H) turns 2 and 4

17. the trick is to get two of the arms into the centre, then repeatedly click the button for the other two arms until they match up in the centre – it may take a while (there is probably a better way to do this)
18. descend the ladder and click right to return to the landing
19. ascend the ladder twice

20. there are two shafts on either side of the ladder (see picture above)
21. click on the left shaft
22. click left
23. pick up the EIGHTEENTH SECRET
24. return to the ladder
25. click on the right shaft
26. click right
27. put the positive and negative coils in the slots
28. return to the ladder
29. ascend the ladder three times to get to the Portal Room

The Portal Room
1. pick up the PORTAL NOTE
2. pick up the NINETEENTH SECRET on the floor in the wires
3. click right
4. pick up the DIGOUT KEY
5. click left and descend the ladders all the way to the Wood Level
6. click left three times
7. use the digout key on the lock
8. enter the digout
9. click left twice
10. pick up the TWENTIETH SECRET
11. click left
12. pick up the FUSE
13. return to the Portal Room
14. click right and put the fuse in the machine
15. click left twice and put the ID card in the machine
16. click right
17. pull the handle on the portal


31 Responses to Submachine 2 Walkthrough

  1. karen says:

    hey this was really fun i mean with a little help from the cheats!

  2. Tina Rodriguez says:


    What does this mean and how do you know what is what when you click on the boxes? Does it start left to right with 1 and so on or up down? Can you help explain this for me?

    • Anonymous says:

      what it is is what order to push each button first click one, then two three four etc..

      • Mister P says:

        Actually, the order is not important at all, because the effect of buttons is binary, symmetrical, and reversible. Anyway just click two corners (not opposite diagonals though) then the 4 buttons forming a 2×2 square on the other side of those 2 corners, and voilĂ ! In fact, there are a LOT of solutions, but this “2 corners plus the 2×2 square opposite” is the quickest and easiest to remember.

    • Anonymous says:

      I found a way to solve it in only 4 moves:


  3. Nick says:

    I can only find two secrets in the red room. Where’s the other?

  4. Nick says:

    I’m finally done. I’ll have to admit that was the weirdest escape game I’ve ever played.

  5. SinClair says:

    hey.. in the grey level.. the fourth ladder is horizontal.. how can i make it to vertical.. i can’t climb to the fourth floor

  6. jwinston says:

    HELP!!! In the puzzle room, i accedentily clicked one 6x instead of 5x!

  7. jwinston says:

    Start over on the puzzle, that is, not the game. :(

  8. Joelle says:

    this walkthrough was a total lifesaver!!!! i really liked how you told how to decifer each puzzle. very creative! keep up the awesome walkthroughs!!!

  9. Chummasmota says:

    Outstanding post! Will come back soon!

  10. Anonymous says:

    There is a much, much easier way of figuring out the grid puzzle.


    I does not matter which order you click them, it will solve it anyways.

  11. Ellen says:

    What does M x C x C equal????

  12. hfilby says:

    What numbers did you find for M and C?

  13. hfilby says:

    C was on the electrical box in the basement and M was in the diary near the typewriter.

  14. Gill-E says:

    Thank you very much for this walkthrough – comprehensive and easy to follow. :D

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Mister P says:

    The 4 digits puzzle with the “underlined” letter e etched as the sole hint, my god that’s quite very far fetched. Sure there was a combo of hint but come on… Argh…

  17. Demi Moore says:

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    Below is a post where you can find further information that we recommend you read…

  18. Anonymous says:

    in the last room with the big light bulb only 2 dots are green! what did i do wrong?

  19. Derek360 says:


  20. Marshall says:

    I like your way with words truly enjoying this website.

  21. anonymouse says:


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