Lego StarWars II


In Lego StarWars II, you navigate various characters from the original movies through waves of enemy Stormtroopers, and even battle Darth Vader and the Emperor. With the help of your two favourite droids, solve puzzles along the way to gain Lego Minikits, which can be used to build StarWars-related stuff.

There are three levels: IV, V, and VI (of course), and each level has six worlds to explore, such as: Hoth Battle, Betrayal over Bespin, and Jedi Destiny. All of the worlds faithfully follow the original movies, with humorous twists along the way.

The only thing that detracts from this fantastic game is the awkwardness of the controls, but this might be partially due to the XBox controllers (I haven’t played it on other platforms).

With tons of character combinations to choose from, and solo or two-person options, this game is infinitely re-playable.

At last, Star Wars and Lego together as they were meant to be. Lego StarWarsII is my new favourite game.

Check out the trailer here.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking at your “To Buy or Not To Buy” list, Machinarium is definitely worth it!

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