Point-and-Click Favourites

All-Time Favourites:


MOTAS – The grand-daddy of all escape-the-room games, MOTAS was the very first online game I ever played. Six years (and many new levels) later, it is still one of the best point-and-click games ever made.
Click here to play.


Submachine (0 – 5, and FLF) – Amazing graphics, slick sound effects, hypnotic music, and challenging puzzles make me want to play Murtaugh’s Submachine Series again and again.
Click here to play the latest Submachine game.
Or click here for links to the previous games.

Chasm – With an adorable hero, a nifty plot line, and puzzles that will have you tearing out your hair, Chasm is a game you won’t be able to stop playing!
Click here to play.

Most Difficult:

Hapland (1, 2, and 3) – The bizarre Hapland series are perfect for when you have an entire week free! The goal of the puzzles is to get the little stick figures to light the lamps and open the portal. Getting there will require a very good imagination and lots of game refreshes. Fortunately, there are superb walkthroughs for when you get stuck, or need a fresh idea.
Click here to play the first game, with links to the sequels.

Best Graphics:


The Myst Series (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) – Unfortunately the Myst games are not available to play online, nor are they free. Nevertheless, they are absolutely the most beautiful games I have ever played. Lifelike scenery, smooth movie-quality transitions, clever puzzles, and a solid plot line will have you forgetting what’s reality and what’s a game.

Most Addictive:


Flash Element TD – Kill each wave of monsters by building towers. Save up your money to buy bigger and better weapons. Each round takes approximately 30 min to play, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve played close to 100 rounds in a never-ending search for the perfect game (and a higher ranking on the winners’ list)!
For goodness sake don’t… Click here to play!



Sid Meier’s Colonization – From the maker of Alpha Centauri and Civilization, comes this not-so-politically-correct game of conquering, trade, and colony building. Colonization is abandonware so it’s available all over the web. Try these sites to download the game:
Best Old Games
Game Downloads

Currently Playing:

06 Cottage

06 Cottage
– Nice easy puzzles. Not to much pixel hunting. What’s not to like?

Miscellaneous Games:


Aquaria – Beautiful underwater graphics, soothing music, and fun puzzles!
Click here to play.


Tomb of the Mummy – Can YOU escape the curse of the mummy?
Click here to play Tomb of the Mummy I
Click here to play Tomb of the Mummy II

The Doors – Another beautiful game with deliciously eerie music.
Click here to play The Doors

The Fancy Pants Adventure – Worlds One and Two of this highly imaginative and smooth-playing game. Technically not a point-and-click game, it’s still a great play.
Click here to play The Fancy Pants Adventure

Worthwhile Visit:
Samorost (1 and 2)
Gateway (1 and 2)
Journeys of Reemus (C1 and C2)
Tipping Point (1, 2, 3, and 4)
Block N Roll aka Bloxorz (similar games: On the Edge I and II)
Doodle Devil
Ant Explorer

Automation 1, 2 and 3

Something Amiss Chapter 1, 2, and 3

Can’t wait to try: Questionaut


8 Responses to Point-and-Click Favourites

  1. inhift says:

    Извините если не туда, но как с админом сайта связаться?

  2. EnterfAt says:

    Отличный пост, прочитав несколько статей на эту тему понял, что всё таки не посмотрел с другой стороны, а пост как-то очень заинтересовал.

  3. Хорошо пишете. Учились где-то или простой с опытом пришло?

    • hfilby says:

      Cпасибо, Intuillaudils. я не училась, но у меня есть много свободного времени!

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