Submachine 4 is here!!


For all you point-and-click affectionados, here is the latest installment in the Submachine Series. Murtaugh’s submachine games have always been favourites of mine, and Submacine 4 is no exception. This edition is a great deal more involved than some of the previous Submachine games (for those of you who felt bereft upon finishing Submachine3), and there seems to be some great plot development too. The music, graphics and puzzles are top notch, and there’s even a bonus section that kept me replaying the game to collect all 21 secrets. I can’t wait until Submachine5!Click here to play.

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Help Pages

Submachine 4 Hints
Submachine 4 Walkthrough
Submachine 4 Locations of the 21 Secrets

New! Submachine 2 Walkthrough


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