Submachine Hints

For those of you who want to complete Submachine 4 without resorting to a walkthrough, here are some gentle hints.

  • The Laboratory
  • Why won’t the gold key I found unlock the door?
    The gold key will be used later. You need to find a different key to open this door.

    Where do I find the grey key?
    Search in the far right corner of the attic. You will find a tool that will help you locate the key.

    How do I turn on the water in the bathroom?
    Is there something restricting the flow of water?

    Why can’t I get the bunsen burner to light?
    Make sure there is gas flowing to the burner.

    Why can’t I enter a code in the security panel (grating lock)?
    Try to find some other way to get through the panel.

  • The Ancient Section
  • Help! I have no idea what to do.
    Take a close look at the four stone levers that look like this: / | — \
    Explore the Ancient Section and see if you can find similar markings. If you get really stuck, try pressing the two middle levers, then look around to see what effect that combination has.

  • Where do I find Tile A?
  • After using the blockade and the stone key, the answer should descend on you.

  • Now that I have Tile A, how do I get it down?
  • You will need a sharp tool. There should be one nearby.

  • The Looping Trap
  • Why won’t the machines open when I select their coordinates?
    After selecting a coordinate, click on the button on the bottom of the coordinate machine.

  • The Basement
  • I can’t get the coil to charge!
    There are three machines in which the coil will fit. Make sure you have the coil in the right one.

    I got the laser to work, but now what?
    The laser isn’t going in the right direction. You’ll need something to bend the light.

  • The Lighthouse
  • I put in the coordinates for the Lighthouse, but I’m back in the same place!
    Explore around a little and make sure you are still in the same place, because looks can be deceiving.

    I keep clicking on the floating boxes but nothing happens.
    What makes the boxes float? Try returning to this puzzle later, after you’ve explored more sections.

  • The Ship
  • It’s too dark to see, and the lamp won’t work.
    You need to light the lamp. Something you are carrying could do the job!

    How do I unlock the ladder?
    You’ll need to sharpen your skills to solve this puzzle! Try re-reading the note; it contains a subtle clue.

  • The Tomb
  • I’ve looked everywhere but all I found was a note!
    Search the tomb for any unusual markings. What do you think they mean? Could they be a clue to your next destination?

    Where do I find water?
    Where have you used water before? If you didn’t bring it with you, you’ll have to go back for it.

    I can’t pick up the empty beaker, so how can I get more water?
    The beaker isn’t the only item that can carry water. You had something else, but maybe you discarded it?

  • End Game
  • I have the Golden Sceptre, but what do I do now?
    Are there puzzles you left unfinished? Now is the time to go back and finish them!

    Where do I use the Golden Arm and Sceptre?
    There’s a room you haven’t explored yet. Maybe something in an old section will shine a light on the answer.

    Why won’t the coil work in Section 728?
    You don’t need the coil for this section.


4 Responses to Submachine Hints

  1. kitkat says:

    Where in the room left to the levers is the stone key?

  2. hfilby says:

    Hi KitKat,

    On the wall there should be a square with what looks like a cross on it. The stone key is behind that square, the trick is how to get to it. Good Luck!

  3. lulu says:

    i cant find the coil or the notes in the ancient section. i put the 4 tiles in the spots and climed up the wall again to the levers, but i dont see the coil anywhere.

  4. hfilby says:

    Hi Lulu,

    Now that you have all 4 tiles in their spots and have pressed the button that appears in the middle of the 4 tiles, take a look around the Ancient Section, especially near the time machine. There should be something there that wasn’t there when you first arrived!

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